Quotes on Reading

“Woody Allen once said that the advantage of bisexuality is that it doubles your chance  of finding a date on Saturday night.  Having a bifurcated reading brain-one part that likes ‘junk’ and one that reveres ‘literature is the same kind of satisfying. You don’t have to be one thing and you don’t have to think any one way. And should you happen upon different kinds of people in different situations, your pool of conversation topics is twice as deep.”-Sara Nelson in So Many Books, So Little Time

“Explaining the moment of connection between a reader and a book to someone who’s never experienced it is like trying to describe sex to a virgin.  A friend of mine says that when he meets a book he loves, he starts to shake involuntarily.  For me the feeling comes in a rush.  I’m reading along and suddenly a word or phrase or a scene enlarges before my eyes and soon everything around me is just so much fuzzy background. The phone can ring, the toast can burn, the child can call me out, but to me, they’re all in a distant dream.  The book-this beautiful creature in my hands!-is everything I’ve ever wanted, as unexpected and inevitable as love.”-Sara Nelson in So Many Books, So Little Time

“A book is a way to shut out the noise of the world. It’s a way to be alone without being totally alone.”-Sara Nelson in So Many Books, So Little Time


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