Hour 18

Since my last update 4 hours ago, I’ve been reading Preacher: Volumes 5 and 6 (462).  Cassidy behaves in an unconscionable manner toward Tulip in Volume 6.  Overall, I enjoy Ennis’s take on the whole vampire mythology. It beats Twilight by far any day (and shh! I actually kinda like Twilight).   I’m now returning to War and Peace for 197 pages of Volume IV.

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2 Responses to Hour 18

  1. Shanra says:

    Good luck with “War and Peace”! I hope you’ll enjoy it! And that you’re still enjoying the Readathon, of course. ^-~

    *waves pompoms*

  2. I’m here to cheer! You’re doing great! War and Peace is a great selection to dip into during Read-a-Thon!

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