Hour 6

I’ve been reading for almost six hours now and finished Neal Pollack’s Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude (134 pages) . It gave me some useful food for thought about yoga, and I thoroughly enjoy Neal Pollack’s writing style (also checkout Alternadad) .  I’ve also read 264 pages of A Clash of Kings (398 pages read total)  All I have to say is  I knew it!!  I saw that plot twist a mile off, but still it was artfully accomplished.  I have 169 pages left to go when I resume after a 2 hour meeting over Skype (hopefully it will actually be shorter).  I hope to finish a Clash of Kings before dinner and then start War and Peace after dinner and possibly a nap.





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One Response to Hour 6

  1. R! E! A! D!
    Any book that you can see!

    I really need to give that George RR Martin series a try. Enjoy the rest of the readathon!

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