Hour 3 Readathon

I’ve now been reading for almost three hours and have finished 174 pages of A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin.  There are curious things a foot as magic reawakens along with Daenerys Stormborn’s dragon. In honor of the fact that I’d normally be in yoga at this time, I’m switching over to Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude by Neal Pollack for awhile. My Mom will be joining me for a little bit and reading The Pale King by David Foster Wallace.

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4 Responses to Hour 3 Readathon

  1. Care says:

    ha, I always blow off my Saturday yoga class. CHEERS for a fabulous readathon!
    – @BkClubCare, #CheerTRIX

  2. Chelsea says:

    At hour three and doing great! Think it’s awesome that your mom will be joining you! Keep up the great reading,

    Chelsea (#teamtrix)

  3. Amy Henchey says:

    Mom is enjoying reading the David Wallace book. She is finding that it’s much easier to follow the somewhat disjointed narrative with focused reading time in the living room than when reading in 20 minute stretches on the subway! Thank you, Sara, for inviting me to join you.

  4. Mental breaks and switched are good. I’m about to head to the gym myself but not for yoga. 😉 I haven’t read any of Martin’s book yet but LOVE the TV show. Keep up the good work! Cheerleader Julie #cheertrix

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