Hour 11

I skipped  posting at the 9 hours read mark because hours 7 and 8 were spent in Skype call.   Since then I’ve read for 2 and half hours, eaten dinner, and I’m about to take a nap.   I’ve finished up A Clash of Kings and read 15 pages of War Peace.  A Clash of Kings contained another plot twist. This one I didn’t see coming.  The battle scenes were also well written and easy to visualize.   I’m equally divided as to whose plot line I’m more engaged in; Arya Stark’s or Jon Snow’s.   The Imp and Sansa Stark are both growing on me.

Edited: Hour 11.5 It appears I’m not going to take a nap yet, as I do not feel sleepy.

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One Response to Hour 11

  1. alitareads says:

    A nap… that might be a good idea. Hope you’re having a great readathon!

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