Blog Improvement Project

I’m participating in the 2010 year long blog improvement project. Since the blog is new it should be relatively easy to improve it.

The main area I want to focus on is consistently adding content. I want to average 4 books review posts per month and 2 non book review posts per month (memes, etc.)  at least.

I also want to get more readers (I have none currently!) for my blog . I can do this in two ways. 1. tap my friends and family by cross posting my reviews to facebook and lj when appropriate. 2. Integrate myself into the book blogging community by commenting more on other peoples blogs.

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2 Responses to Blog Improvement Project

  1. farmlanebooks says:

    Thank you for signing up to BIP! It is great to join when you are so early in your blogging career. Hopefully you’ll find it really useful and I’m sure you’ll have lots of readers before you know it.

    Good luck!

    • Do you use comment moderation on your blog? It’s the default setting on wordpress, and I like that it will be keep away spammers, but don’t like that people can’t see their comments immediately. Some advice from a veteran such as yourself on this would be awesome.

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